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Zoltron's Don't be a Flipper® Sticker

Zoltron's Don't be a Flipper® Sticker

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Flipper Stickers are only available with the purchase of a poster. One is included with each tube. Otherwise they are not available for purchase. You may be able to find them on Ebay with a 4000% flippers tax.



You bought it and now it’s yours to do with what you like.

But remember. If you buy art and immediately
sell it to the highest bidder, strictly for your
own financial gain... You are a flipper.

And no one likes a flipper.

Flippers are the bottom feeders of the poster world.
And bottom feeding flippers only have 2 friends...
The leech and the lamprey, both of whom are known
as the opportunistic parasites of the animal kingdom.

So don’t be an opportunistic parasite.
And don’t be a flipper.

Instead, be an awesome lil’ skipper!
And hang some art on your wall.

Who knows? The joy of appreciating a cool print,
may well be as rewarding as your insatiable desire
to make a quick profit off of someone else's hard work.