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Widespread Panic 11.2 - Test Print

Widespread Panic 11.2 - Test Print

$ 200.00

Widespread Panic - Set Up Sheet / Test Print 

Uno Lakefront Arena, New Orleans LA -2019

18” X 24”
Exclusive Artist Release 
7 Color Screen Print

White 130# Cover
Artist Signed/Numbered/Embossed

Unique artist signed "Test Print" / "Set-up sheet" from the Halloween print run. The set up sheets are used to test registration, inks, and ensure the print runs are set up correctly before printing. Each setup sheet is totally unique and a great keepsake from the print run.


please note: you can order up to 1 of each version per person/household. duplicate orders or multiple qualities will be refunded. please make sure your shipping address is correct, we can not change shipping address once order is placed.