Collect them all. Before you die®

Sue Nami Sticker Pack®

Sue Nami Sticker Pack®

$ 15.00

Just in time for the Post Apocalypse.  Brand New Armageddon-Proof Sue Nami Sticker Packs.

These are leftover Sticker Packs from the original print run. We've just been slacking on adding the remaining inventory from "Febsuery"  (More extras from other Zoltron Month drops will be added soon.)

  •  Sweet Sue Nami in 10 different styles
  •  New Designs for 2021®
  •  Each Pack Contains 10 Stickers
  •  Extremely High Quality Silkscreen 
  •  Stellar Screenprinting by Sticker Robot
  •  Collect them all before you Die®

Most Zoltron stickers are printed once and then retired. This series is dated 2021 on the paper backing. Sue Nami Loves You. 5 pack limit. xoxox