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Sue Nami: Singing in the Acid Rain (Timed Edition)

Sue Nami: Singing in the Acid Rain (Timed Edition)

$ 60.00

Sue Nami: Singing in the Acid Rain

Leftover inventory from the original printing.  We will be adding any extras from Zoltron Month in the coming days.

Main Edition. Timed Edition.

This savory print, launching this day of our apocalypse, Friday Febsueary 26th concludes the wild ride that has been "International Zoltron Month 2021"

Timed Edition *with a built in kill switch. The final Edition size will be determined by the number of orders we receive before we pull the plug sometime later todayIn other words... Be swift, but don't panic. Time is still of the essence, but everyone should be able to breathe a little easier on this drop1 of each version per person/household. 

  • 18” X 24”
  • 7-8 Color Screen Print
  • Artist Signed/Numbered 
  • 100# Lynx Bright White Coverstock
  • Final Edition size depends on number of orders in our vague and dubiously scheduled timeframe


Notes: Image may have some subtle changes as we finalize color seps. Please be patient. This will take several weeks to be delivered to you. Only order if you are ok with 3-4 weeks or so.

This is a timed release, so please take your time and place orders together. We prefer to not spend 9.32 hours each release combining shipping and sending refund :)

please note: you can order up to 1 of each version per person/household. duplicate orders or multiple qualities will be refunded. please make sure your shipping address is correct, we can not change shipping address once order is placed.