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Sue Nami - Silkscreen Swedish Dish Cloth

Sue Nami - Silkscreen Swedish Dish Cloth

$ 12.50

This Is Not A Tree.

This is an eco-friendly Swedish dishcloth.

Original printing. The limited edition, split-fountain, screen-printed, Sue Nami Swedish Dishcloth. See the Informercial. "You can even Wash your Hair with it!"
It replaces sponges and paper towels and can be used in kitchens, bath rooms, and for any household chores. Or for bath time or crime-scene clean up or Jazzercise class or to simply wash the pain away.
Use with straight water or soap or cleaners.
It absorbs 20X its weight and cleans streak free.  Each cloth replaces 20 rolls of paper towels and  lasts over 9 months. It’s made from FSC certified  cellulose and cotton, it’s 100%  biodegradable.  We print these with water based inks.

To use:  Do we really need to tell you how to use these? Just rinse the cloth and squeeze out excess water. When done, rinse out and leave flat to dry.
To clean: Place in washing machine or top rack of dishwasher, or boil it or scrub it in the sink, then rinse.  Do not tumble dry. You can wash it over 200 times,  probably a lot more, but who’s counting?

Art by Zoltron.  That’s “Sue Nami.” She is cool. Screen printed in the usa by Shirtbakery.com
We used a split fountain process on these. That means all dishcloths are slightly different in color and may have some delicious, hand-printed variations. Most are tri-color. Some are bi-color. Some are single color, Some are black. Some are maroon or ombre or plum or chilean paprika or tuscany gelato. You don't get to pick, you just get to bathe in the loving affections of Sue Nami's moist embrace. Whatever the hell color they are, your dishes won't be able to tell the difference... I promise.