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Sue Nami Silk-Screen, Day-Glo, Split-Fountain Handbills

Sue Nami Silk-Screen, Day-Glo, Split-Fountain Handbills

$ 20.00

New Sue Nami Handbills

You can buy ONE, THREE or FIVE.

  • 6" X 9" handbills
  • Dayglo Inks, Split Fountain
  • Screen printed
  • Various papers and inks 
  • Artist signed and embosssed
  • Full edition with variants = apx 400 pieces
Prints are randomly packed. Specific colors can not be requested. We will do our best to select random colors for each order of multiples. Prints are not numbered, but this is the exact count from the edition and they will not be reprinted:
White Skin (rubberized paper) #/200
Orange Skin (rubberized paper) #/80
Absinth Skin (rubberized paper) #/25
Neon Yellorange (black light paper) #/23
Red Skin  (rubberized paper) #/20
Ash (super thick paper) #/18
Sky Blue (super thick paper) #/15
Wasabi (super thick paper) #/15
Please Note: Handbills are flat-shipped via USPS Priority in the U.S. You can order up to 5 handbills. Remember: Orders are first come, first served. If you have an item in your cart, you are not guaranteed to check out with the item. Be swift. Strict policy of up to 5 handbills per person, per household. 

Printed with love by the crew at Shirt Bakery