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Sue Nami - Enamel Good Luck Charm® Pin

Sue Nami - Enamel Good Luck Charm® Pin

$ 20.00

Your Sue Nami, Fully detachable Good Luck Armageddon Charm® 

Perfect for the lapel of your favorite Apocalypse outfit. A badge of honor for your instinctual ability to adapt, persevere, survive.

Please Note: This society may or may not attempt to conceal its existence. Should this badge be accidentally lost, anyone who finds it shall return it to the rightful owner or discard immediately, lest their family surname be posted in a forum of public ridicule in a prominent location.

Limited to 200 only. One per customer please. Xox


Polished Nickel

Hard Enamel Pins 

1" Braid to Braid

Metal Backer

Limited, Serial #d Edition of 200


Hard Enamel is made from die-struck iron metal. Colors are applied by hand with a small brush or needle. They are then heated to a high temperature and polished, creating a bright, smooth, hard enamel finish. If you find yourself in a pinch, you can easily craft a fishing lure and feed your family.