Collect them all. Before you die®

Indigo Zoltron Script Shirt - Dead Stock®

Indigo Zoltron Script Shirt - Dead Stock®

$ 30.00

The deal: This is dead stock. These are one-offs, test-shirts and a few random extras we had laying around. All are new and unworn. All shirts are Indigo and American Apparel Tri-Blend. All are top shelf quality. Most were printed with white ink, some were printed with silver/reflective ink. You get whatever you get. Life is hard. Nothing is certain.

Returns: They are one-offs, randomly packed and un-returnable. That means the gamble is yours. If it doesn't fit, you're gonna have to give it to the next guy. And if it doesn't fit that guy, then it goes to the next guy. And on and on and on until one day it comes back to you, and most likely you've either gained or lost a few pounds and it fits like a goddamn charm. So really, in the end... Everyone wins.

Indigo Shirts

  • 3.7 oz.
  • Tri-Blend
  • Made in USA™ 

The Details

  • A collaboration with Brandy Flowers AKA "Mark of the Beast"
  • Special "Roller" Silkscreen Printing by Shirt Bakery®
  • BIG center chest print. 
  • Fancy-Pants® Oversize, inside printed label.
  • Woven Label on bottom seam
  • All Shirts are Unisex
  • Made is the USA™
  • Silkscreen Clear Vinyl sticker hangtags printed by Sticker Robot