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I AM ZOLTRON (Unisex Shirts)

I AM ZOLTRON (Unisex Shirts)

$ 25.00

I AM ZOLTRON - The Shirt™

These new designs, based on shirts that I made from "The Family Devalues" Art Show last year. I made 15 of those and gave them to fellow artists and random people at the show, with the one condition that they had to wear them during the opening that night. Questions were asked, Assumptions were made. Confusion ensued. And henceforth, it was agreed on to reproduce said enigmatic torso adornments for the general public, to further the mystery and continue the debate.

This is a super custom, very comfortable classic crew neck Tshirt in a lightweight 50/50 blend. the shirts have a nice, worn in feel.

  • Beautiful Discharge Printing by our friends at Shirt Bakery®
  • Z Logo upper neck on back
  • Oversize, inside printed label.
  • Woven Label on bottom seam
  • This run consists of around 200 shirts
  • Free U.S. Shipping