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Defaced Gyspy & Cowboy - Chip Board Letterpress Set

Defaced Gyspy & Cowboy - Chip Board Letterpress Set

$ 650.00

Defaced at Ridgemont High

One-of-a-kind scrawled artworks from some ancient releases, been in the flat file taking up precious space. With lyrics from my childhood. Yours too I bet. 

These 2 were printed at different times on different kraft parchment, so they aren't identical. That's ok. In fact it's better. Imperfection is perfection. Life is a dream. And  these still go great together like Pilots and Parachutes.

Frame them together. Rip them apart. Put em in the toaster and make pop tarts.

Since today's releases are all very one-of-a-kind, please honor the one-per-person/household rule. In other words, if you score one, be stoked and let someone else score the next one.. Multiple orders will be refunded. Thank youuuuu!