Collect them all. Before you die®

Official Zoltron Collector's Badge of Love™ (For Lovers® Only)

Official Zoltron Collector's Badge of Love™ (For Lovers® Only)

$ 20.00

Hello Lovers. It's almost Valentine's Day. That's the one day every year that keeps The Hallmark® Corporation from going broke.

So Listen, Lovers™... This decadent enamel Z pin was made to show the world that you are a soft and supple Lover, not a goddamn dirty freeloader. We released these Lover Badges® early this year, on the off chance that you may want to order one for your Lover®. The plan is to ship the Lover Badges® immediately following the Lover's Badge® sale, and maybe, just maybe, those adorable little blue-clad USPS cherubs will deliver said Lovers Badges® into your Lover's® loving hands prior to the conclusion of International Lovers® day. Of course, if the Lovers Badges® do not arrive in time for Lover's Day™, let's blame it on the tooth fairy, Not Zoltron.

So don't be a selfish philistine. Buy a cherished Lover's Badge® for your favorite Lover®.


3/4" X 1"

Polished Nickel

Hard Enamel Pin

Numbered Edition of 100

Ships with 2021 Flipper Sticker

Ps. We like the metal backers, their teeth hold the pins in place better and they kill less dolphins than their rubber counterparts.