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The World's Biggest Sue Nami "Secret Society" Enamel Badge

The World's Biggest Sue Nami "Secret Society" Enamel Badge

$ 60.00

Official Member’s Badge to The Secret Society of Sue Nami ™

When you become the keeper this cherished memento, you join into the Sacred and Ceremonial Sue Nami Secret Society™. Limited Edition and Perfect for your Lapel or Petticoat. This is a badge of your undying loyalty and a revered symbol of your serenity towards the current and impeding apocalypse.

In addition, there are several other great uses for this badge of honor:

  • Melt it down and make a bowling ball
  • Craft a fishing lure and catch a Flipper®
  • Pin her to your shoes and do leg lifts

Please Note: This society may or may not attempt to conceal its existence. Should this badge be accidentally lost, anyone who finds it shall return it to the rightful owner or discard immediately, lest their family surname be posted in a forum of public ridicule.

  • Numbered Edition of #/125
  • Sealed in a custom silkscreen velvet stash bag
  • Suenormous 4.5" & 5 Ounces
  • Extremely polished, high glitter particulate
  • Metal Enamel with Cutout & 3 Posts
  • Ships with brand new 2021 Flipper Sticker™

Strict Policy Fine Print™  One per person/household. Multiple Orders will be refunded. We will ship these via Priority Mail in the US. Please make sure your shipping address is correct, as we can not change addresses after the order has been placed. Thank you.