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Black Keys 2019 - Black and Silver Vignette Edition #/20

Black Keys 2019 - Black and Silver Vignette Edition #/20

$ 125.00

Black and Silver Vignette Edition #/20

Talking Stick Arena, Phoenix, Arizona - November 16, 2019

18” X 24”
2 Color Screen Print, Metallic gunmetal and Black

White 130# Cover
Artist Signed/Numbered/Embossed edition of #/20

The idea from the very start of this project was to make a black and white / multi-color-greyscale print (white, silver, grey, gunmetal, black) to tap into the 1930s, post depression era vide that I was going for. I decided it needed color and color lead to glow inks and metallics, but I still wanted to make a small edition of the original concept and paired it down to 2 colors, silver and black. This is actually a different black plate than the main edition. If you see them side by side, you'll notice lots of subtle differences. Edition of 20, Artist signed & numbered with graphite and embossed with Z chop.


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