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Acrylic and Aerosol 1/1  Die Antwoord 2012

Acrylic and Aerosol 1/1 Die Antwoord 2012

$ 650.00

1/1 Die Antwoord 2012 

Acrylic and Aerosol. Double signed on bottom. One-of-a-kind scrawled artworks from some ancient releases, been in the flat file taking up precious space. I painted a number of these for a show with Jason Brown in Portland years ago. This one has been floating around for a while. She'll look better on your wall than in my file.

Frame her. Hang her on your wall. Stare into her eyes. Watch the world melt away.

Die Antwoord, Regency SF #FHGV 150

19.75" X 26.5"

Since today's releases are all very one-of-a-kind, please honor the one-per-person/household rule. In other words, if you score one, be stoked and let someone else score the next one.. Multiple orders will be refunded. Thank youuuuu!