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(4) Poster Weights for Heavy Weights

(4) Poster Weights for Heavy Weights

$ 100.00

Four Parchment Equilibrium Stabilizers 

  • Size: 4" diameter
  • Weight: Apx. 420 grams (each)
  • High quality top grain leather 
  • Embossed logo on both sides
  • Hand burnished edging 
  • Chock full of steel buckshot
  • Designed for flattening posters, serigraphs, art prints, posters 
  • Can be used as a pillow for your pocket gelfling
  • Iconic California 1970s architect Mike Brady once called the poster weights "Fucking indispensable for my sweet drafting plans." 

These work very well on all parchments, but it's never a bad idea to use a layer of glassine or kraft in between your weights, especially on delicate paper like foils.