Collect them all. Before you die®

(2) Zoltron Motel Keychains - Assorted Colors

(2) Zoltron Motel Keychains - Assorted Colors

$ 20.00

(2) Zoltron Motel Keychains. Issue Were Here®.

"On a dark desert Highway. Cool Wind in my Hair... God I hate that Song." - Zoltron

Now you can get an all access key to Zoltron's own personal Motel Room. That's right...  Become the holder of the key and find out exactly what's behind Door #33.

You get TWO Randomly Colored Keychains. Eight different color ways. If you want to acquire all 8 colors, you better start trading keychains with Wes Teichmiller or Samantha Waldo.

Better yet, throw your keychain in a salad bowl and see who's color you pick. It's fun.