Collect them all. Before you die®

(10) Old School Zoltron Business Man Stickers

(10) Old School Zoltron Business Man Stickers

$ 10.00

(10) Old School Zoltron Business Man Stickers

Collect Them All Before You Die®

Back when Zoltron was a design company, maybe around 2002 or so, we used this sticker as our company business card.  We printed 2,000 total (which have been long gone for about 10 years now) and never reprinted them because we lost the file in the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2005.

Or at least we assumed it was lost. Until about 2 weeks ago, when I thought to ask Leif to search the Sticker Robot archives. And of course, without fail they had a backup of the original press-ready sticker file.

So.. Back by (not such) popular demand, The Zoltron Cocaine Business Man.

Back then, scrambling to pay rent and make ends meet, we had this one ridiculous client, a software company I think. They were such a nightmare to work with, that once the job was over, we vowed to never work for another corporate client.

No more 'design meetings' where we were asked to "Try that helvetica in a periwinkle blue.." No more listening to sentences like, "Looks great, Guy. But can you increase the 'hero image' by 12%?" Or the infamous, "So if you could just do us a solid and redesign our company logo, because we are a high profile client and this will look great on your portfolio!"

Seriously. Fuck that... This was our god damn dignity. We'd rather go hungry than pander to those corporate corksoakers and their ridiculous "design" sensibilities.

So we redesigned our website, only showcasing our album covers and gig posters. We only showed the type of work that we wanted to do. We decided to literally make our Zoltron logo a brown-nosing, cocaine-sniffing, pathological business man.

And guess what? After a few weeks, the phone suddenly started ringing. It was those same fucking corporate clients calling, saying... "Hey Guys, Great "edgy" Website! This would really do wonders with our 18-24 demographic. We can really target that Gen Xers revenue with this type of MTV marketing.." Fuuuuck!

Well, in the end we stopped doing websites. We quit branding. We told people to go buy their logos from stock photo sites and we started making art and printing stickers.

But as of 2 weeks ago, the Zoltron Business man lives on. Display him proudly whenever you want to tell the man and his corporate disposition to wander off into the background and eat a bag of deep fried dicks.

Available until our next hard drive corrupts.


• 10 Zoltron Stickers, for your sticker-slapping pleasure.

• Apx 2.5" X 4" with rounded corners

• Extremely High Quality Silkscreen, Vinyl Stickers

• Silkscreen Sticker Printing by Sticker Robot